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Print Magazine 2010 Regional Design Annual

Bad Feather is psyched to announce that we’re in the 2010 Regional Design Annual from Print Magazine.

Our self-mailing invitation/poster for Sonic Union’s industry launch party was selected for this annual review of award-winning print design work.

As you might imagine, New York City puts up some tough competition as a region. We’re flattered to have been included. Congrats to all the winners!

Bad Feather Gets Freaky

Last week we proudly launched FreakonomicsRadio.com. Freakonomics Radio, produced in partnership with American Public Media’s Marketplace and WNYC, is a project from the authors of the best selling Freakonomics books that includes a weekly podcast, regular segments on Marketplace, and one-hour specials to be broadcast on public-radio stations across the country. Bad Feather designed and developed the website as a place for listers to experience this content as well as a wealth of web extras, including additional audio and articles.

It was an exciting challenge for us to bring a fresh look to this new piece of the well-known Freakonomics empire. In addition to the website design, we also had an opportunity to further develop the branding specific to Freakonomics Radio through the design of a web ad campaign and promotional graphics for the iTunes store.

And if that’s not enough for you, Bad Feather designed illustrated charts and this fancy infographic to accompany the inaugural content at the launch of the website. This included a new podcast, marketplace segment and a web extra, all exploring the hidden side of major league baseball stats.

During our involvement in the project we listened to all the podcasts (there’s plenty of great archival content to be consumed on the site) and can definitely count ourselves among the many fans. Check out FreakonomicsRadio.com for yourself, and if you like what you hear, subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and check back for more.

Get Your iPads Ready for Popular Science+

Today PopSci and Bonnier announced Popular Science+, the new digital version of Popular Science magazine available on the iPad. This is the first magazine app to be developed on Bonnier’s Mag+ platform.

Bad Feather designed and built PopularSciencePlus.com to promote the launch of Popular Science+. Read about the app features and watch the concept videos from BERG to learn about their collaboration with with Popular Science to re-imagine the form of magazines.

And of course, if you have an iPad you should download the April issue from in the iTunes store now! Follow @PopSciPlus on Twitter and tell them what you think of their rad new app.

Young Visionaries

Do you know someone with an idea for a project that works toward a vision of change? The International Women’s Health Coalition recently launched their 2010 Young Visionaries Campaign:

At the International Women’s Health Coalition, we are inspired by the activism of young people and their visions for the future of sexual rights and reproductive health.Through our Young Visionaries contest, we aim to celebrate, acknowledge, and support the exceptional and ongoing work of young people.

Our Young Visionaries contest encourages youth to share their visions for young people and the future. Until March 25, 2010 youth between the ages of 18 and 30 can share their visions for a just and healthy life, and get a chance to win a $1000 grant from the International Women’s Health Coalition to fund a project that works toward this vision.

We recently completed a project, in collaboration with Dtek, to design a microsite for the Young Visionaries contest. Built on top of the WordPress platform already being utilized for IWHC’s Akimbo blog, the site allows users to register, nominate a contestant and vote to support their favorite nominees. You can read a more detailed write-up of the site development and WordPress plugins we utilized, courtesy of Andy, over on the Dtek blog.

Check it out and show your support for the visionaries from around the world.

Spin to Win at Sonic Union


This summer we had a lot of fun designing this prize wheel. Turns out Sonic Union and their clients are having even more fun playing with it!

We created the wheel as an alternative to branded SWAG. Sonic Union is sending its clients away with a memorable experience (and maybe a siiiick prize) instead of more stuff we all get (but don’t really want or need). Prizes vary from ‘Free Stuff You Get Free’ – recycled copy of this morning this morning’s Metro anyone? – or ‘Super Special Commute’, an escort to the subway with a free swipe, to a ‘One Night Getaway’ room at the W hotel. Who doesn’t want a shot at that? A spin of the wheel and a coupon for a free Frosty at the Union Square Wendy’s keeps clients talking about Sonic Union round the water cool for days.

We Got Our Data On, Now Get Your Skis On

SKI magazine infographicWe just completed an interactive infographic for SKI magazine online. Data visualization was a new and exciting thing for us to tackle here at Bad Feather and if we do say so ourselves, we’re pretty pleased with the results.

The oh-so-pretty infographic, which represents the top 50 North American ski resorts’ comparative ratings according to the 2010 Reader Resort Survey for such categories as terrain, snowfall, lodging, dining, family activities, is animated in Flash to allow users to interact and discover the top resorts in each category. The SKI site is chock full of resort stats and content to satisfy your inner ski bunny. Ski season is just around the corner – check it out.

Bring the Noise

We are psyched to announce a new site we built for 1928 Recordings, a Brooklyn-based record label helmed by Ryan McReynolds. Designed in collaboration with our friend Sohrab from Shadowless Kick, 1928recordings.com features a catalog of the label’s releases, listings for upcoming tour dates, and label news and info, all editable by 1928 Recordings (thanks again, WordPress). The online store was built separately using the new White Label service from Insound.com.

Check it out.


For the WordPress nerds out there who might be curious, we used GigPress for the tour listings, Cleaner Gallery and Shadowbox for the image slideshows, Audio Player for the audio samples, and Viper’s Video Quicktags for the video embeds.

Bring on the Pickle Party!

We recently completed a small packaging project, creating a set of labels for Bradley Farm. If you happen to shop at the Grand Army Plaza green market in Brooklyn, you may know the ever-popular, bearded chef turned farmer, Ray Bradley. In addition to his beautiful produce and delicious, naturally raised pork, Ray also sells his own brand of pickles, strawberry preserves, wildflower honey and other specialty items [Read: homegrown and ground paprika. Run, don’t walk].

To help get the pickles to market, Heather and Kristen headed to Bradley Farm in New Paltz to jar and label some Dills, Bread and Butters, and the almighty Lemon Cucumber pickles. Thanks to Ray’s generosity, we didn’t leave empty handed and we’ve since enjoyed the scrumptious treats in the studio. Nobody ever told Kristen she might have to wear a hairnet when she joined team Bad Feather, but if you ask her, we’re sure she’ll tell you a day in the country and her own jar of those tasty dill pickles was worth it.


Bradley Farm is at the 97th and Amsterdam Market on the Upper West Side on Fridays, and the Grand Army Plaza Market in Brooklyn on Saturdays. We also created a hilarious Ray Bradley button that Ray is selling to his loyal customers to help recoup losses from the late blight that severely damaged this year’s heirloom tomato crops. Support the farm and get yourself some pickles!

A Passport to Learn Money

Our friends over at Skill-Life Inc. launched their first product this week – the Beta version of CentsCity, an online world packed with games that teach teens and tweens financial skills as they earn rewards from their parents, teachers, and out-of-school providers.

We were happy to work with Felix Lloyd and crew again to design both print and online elements to support the launch of CentsCity. Bad Feather created the CentsCity “passport”, which players receive via snail mail when they sign up. The passport comes with a set of stickers kids can affix to pages for banking, investments, charities, rewards, and general progress as they play online.


We also teamed up with our pals at Dtek to design and develop the container site, CentsCity.com, to house the game, which was created by 360KID. Check it out and invite some youngsters to Learn Money! Earn Rewards!


The Fruits of Our Labor

Recently Bad Feather had an opportunity to design a wine label! James Benedetto of Scotto’s Wine Cellar in Carroll Garden is releasing his ’05 Benedetto Blend and he came to us for assistance. The design was inspired by the wine-stained, handwritten label stuck on a sample bottle from winemaker, Tony Coturri.

The Coturri vineyards are sustainably farmed, the grapes are hand harvested and the wines are hand crafted. The limited production of the Benedetto Blend 2005 is a bold, earthy wine that will compliment hearty peasant food well. We’re finding the wine and the label very appetizing!


Playtime with Sonic Union

These invites are hot off the press and we couldn’t wait to share…

Our pals over at Sonic Union are preparing for a launch party to introduce their newly founded audio post company to industry friends. We created this self-mailing poster as an invitation to the event in their amazing new space where they record, mix and – ahem – PLAY.

SOU play poster